Tax Proration in Illinois

Real Estate Tax Prorations in Illinois

Thank you for allowing me to speak with you today about the role of attorneys in Illinois real estate transactions. I am an Illinois-licensed attorney with 12 years of experience in real estate and other areas of the law.  For this presentation, I am going to first take a few minutes to give you a…
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Couple Buying Home Together in Illinois

Different Ways of Holding Title to Real Estate in Illinois

When more than one person purchase a real estate property in Illinois, they need to elect how they are to take title to the property. Illinois law provides three basic options: 1) tenancy in common; 2) joint tenancy; 3) tenancy by the entirety.  Tenancy in Common Tenancy in common is the legal default, i.e. if…
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Real Estate Transaction with Lawyer

The Attorney’s Role in Representing Sellers of Illinois Residential Real Estate

When representing sellers of residential real estate, the attorney’s role begins by carefully reviewing the contract and real estate disclosures executed by the parties, public records of municipal violations, real estate tax assessment and payment, and other matters affecting title to the premises.  When appropriate and beneficial, the seller’s attorney will request modifications to the…
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Illinois Lawyer and Buyer for Real Estate Deal

The Attorney’s Role in Representing Buyers in Illinois Residential Real Estate Transactions

For many people, the purchase of their home or rental real estate represents one of the biggest investments they make in their life. To protect your investment, it is essential to have a dedicated and knowledgeable Illinois real estate attorney to protect your interests in the transaction and insure a smooth and successful closing.  In…
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Real estate agent giving a young couple the key to their new house.

Why Chicago Residential Landlords Should Think Twice About Taking Security Deposits

Most landlords consider taking a security deposit form their tenants an essential part of the lease agreement. In most circumstances, there are very good reasons for taking a security deposit, as it provides the landlord some financial coverage in the event the tenant stops paying rent or returns the property damages.  Unfortunately, notwithstanding these obvious…
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